Web Solutions
Interacting with clientele is the premise of today’s business solutions. Your website is an extension of your brand identity, thus to maintain and extend your identity, your online communication has to be clear. If you are looking for clear, usable front-end design and strong ideas which result in engaging sites, we’re for you. For thousands of prospective buyers that see your company on the internet, your web site delivers the first impression of your company. Hire us and you can have a great looking online presence that will put you a cut above your competitors. We ensure that your website is search engine friendly, aesthetically appealing and user friendly. We make responsive websites that works equally well on every device, be it desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Below are a few tools which we use to make your brand shine online:

Content Management Systems allow you to keep your website updated. Want to have a website and maintain it on your own whatever it may be, like updating news section, members, contents, message board, images… just name anything. Basic idea is to create an easy way for you to update content yourself without paying the updating or maintenance charges. We provide online admin panel for updating Message Board, News, add gallery images, edit or delete blog posts, edit or delete listings online, and many more features so that you maintain your Website/Portal online yourself. Our user-friendly admin panel allows full control over every aspect of your website. Any non-technical user can edit and publish content using a simple web-browser interface. Read our blog post to know more about the advantages of a dynamic CMS website.
Responsive web design is a web design that adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images and CSS3 media queries across a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors.
Need a full-featured catalog and shopping cart, along with real-time payment processing? Amazing Interactive provides the ideal way to add eCommerce to your existing or new website. We have come up with affordable solutions for our customers, who are willing to build their existence online to develop & grow their business with technology. Whatever the size of your firm, you’ll want your e-commerce site to be attractive, secure, informative, easy to navigate and perfectly aligned with your brand objectives. We provide eCommerce website design that is clean, lightweight, responsive and comes bundled with plenty of options and features. Contact us now for more information about how we can significantly boost your firm’s online revenue.
Amazing Interactive has come up with an affordable and best solutions for realtors, who are willing to build their existence online to develop & grow their business with technology. Our Real Estate Website solution is a unique take on the niche real estate market with focus on awesome unmatched features coupled with professional design and usability. Create a real estate directory portal and boost your real estate business online. Some of the features provided in the portal includes Custom colour scheme, Multi-language option, Allow agents to pay and publish properties, Unique property submission form, User dashboard to allow agents/ visitors to manage their own listings, Showcase all properties with Google Maps, Open source code fully customizable and many more awesome unmatched features. Contact us now for more information about how we can significantly boost your Real Estate Business online.
A landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement. Landing pages are often linked to from social media, email campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns in order to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements. We create customised Micro Sites / Landing Page to promote your business.
Social media pages such as Facebook page, twitter page etc.
Our maintenance programs ensure that your site is always current and your project stays within budget. Website maintenance includes content updates, update images, re-design web pages, emailers and support via phone and e-mail to keep your website up to date. The periodic addition of new web pages is also part of maintenance services. We assume that you will want to revise some or all of your web pages over time, as well as adding additional web pages according to your business needs. If you believe you will be making regular changes to your website over time, you can save money by enrolling a website maintenance contract with us. Contact us now for more information on what we offer.
Responsive Web Solutions

Multimedia Solutions
Motion Graphics & Multimedia
Communication in today’s time needs to be innovative and representative of the company it is originating from. We all know the importance of data and its presentation. An interactive multimedia presentation documents and streamlines company information. We design effective, précised & appealing presentations for our clients.

Listed are the Multimedia Solutions we cover:

Multimedia Flash Presentations are a great tool to introduce your company, your products and services to prospective clients. With an effective presentation and a clear message, you add value to your business.

We deliver high quality flash intros and presentation combining sound, video, graphics and interactive photo galleries.

Corporate Presentations are the new age company profiles, that help in communicating and building a unique brand image for the company. Corporate Presentations or Corporate films create an ever lasting impression on your target audience and it uplifts the image of the company. A well made Corporate film can not only present overview of your company, but also impress the viewer in a short time.

We deliver high quality standards presentations expected by any company and promise efficient and effective communication.

Interactive presentations are an excellent method of providing high impact audio/visual communication with your audience. An innovative way to promote your business, products and services to the potential buyer.

We deliver impressive Interactive Presentations integrating a variety of multimedia tools including graphics, animations, sound and video. We have expertise in creating Interactive Presentations that sell and maximize your business.

A Product Demo is an essential part of any marketing campaign. Product demonstrations can give the customers a taste of the real thing, making them relate better with the product directly. It can help in explaining the product in total with features, functionality, technical specifications, benefits etc.

We deliver innovative and realistic demos that can excite and motivate customers towards a favorable buying decision.

Viral marketing or Viral advertising are marketing techniques that uses social networks to produce increase in brand awareness or to rapidly spread information about a product or service. Viral marketing may take the form of video clips, interactive flash 2D animations, , images or text messages that are circulated rapidly on the internet.

We have the expertise to produce such a variety of animated work from pre-school 2D animated educational CDs to a full-fledged 2D Film.

eLearning Tutorials
eLearning is a tool in the field of training and education that combines simplicity with ease and allows the user to learn and understand at his comforts.

Our eLearning solutions includes:

CBT is a type of education in which the student learns by executing special training programs on a computer. We provide cost effective top-notch CBT that is simple, user-friendly, effective and provide the user unique learning experience.

We deliver top quality training methods using the power of various media like illustrators, animations, video, audio and graphics to give an effective learning experience.

WBT is used for training or instructions delivered over the internet or an intranet using a web browser. We provide cost effective top-notch WBT that is simple, user-friendly, effective and provide the user unique learning experience.

We deliver top quality training methods using the power of various media like illustrators, animations, video, audio and graphics to give an effective learning experience.

Induction training is a type of training given as an initial preparation upon taking up a post. Its goal is to help new employees reach the level of performance expected from an organization. It often contains information dealing with the layout of the firm’s operating facility, health, safety measures and security systems. The induction provides a really good opportunity to socialize and brief the newcomer on the company’s overall strategy, performance standards, etc.

We deliver professional induction training that provides first impression of you and your company to your new employees.

eLearning, CBT and WBT Solutions

Touch-Screen Solutions
Touch Screen Services

With the emergence of smartphones and other technology devices, the demand for touch screens has grown significantly, owing to its key feature of easy operation and user friendliness. Several businesses and retail spaces have also implemented touch screens into their technology devices, facilitating speedier data entry, business management and client interaction. We offer professional and comprehensive touch screen application development services that are easy to use, intuitive in nature and exceptionally compelling. We offer a comprehensive range of services in high quality and reliable touch applications development.

Mobile Application
With rapid technology advancements, the emergence of user-friendly and intuitive smartphones has invoked millions of mobile users to connect via the Internet. Today, more and more people cater to mobile computing to learn what, where, and how to buy. We have the proficiency to create customer-oriented mobile applications for different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and HTML5 helping businesses to leverage the power and market for various mobile platforms. We have hands on knowledge and experience in developing mobile applications, delivering business oriented, and flexible, custom solutions.
Mobile App Services

Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Having good content that explains your business may be a significant step. However, is it good enough to stay static – with no advertising? After all, the efforts you take to build your business, making some noise about it would only take it a few notches above!

Direct pitching may garner clients, but marketing styles for digital age customers are different. New media helps you build a dense fan and follower base that lengthens the publicity of your business. While online marketing campaigns give face to your business, fans & followers advocate about your brand.

Social Media Marketing helps you define your relationship with customers. Internet marketing through social media platforms is nothing but finding a direct route to potential clients. The approach is pretty simple. It’s about understanding what customers want. In short, it’s a transparent association with your customers through healthy one-to-one interaction. You inform, enquire, engage – you communicate! Amidst all this action you are subtly branding & advertising your business.

Our team of experienced professionals ensures that you reach the right people. Before we move on to planning social media strategies for you, we analyze your business and choose social platforms to pave a perfect channel of communication between you and your customers. Our focus is not just sales. We believe in positively imprinting your brand on the minds of people. Ultimately, it’s your brand stamp that will make potential customers queue up.

Step into the league of new-age marketing and watch your audience convert into regular customers! Contact us for a consultation and we’d love to get in touch with you!

No matter how adept marketing strategies are, they are incomplete without quality content. As a brand you may want to cross over the traditional borders of marketing and reach out to your audience with the new age media. When consumers or end users are mostly hooked to information online, ‘Content’ forms the core of your brand.

Today, good content is considered as the most effective way to put your business into the spotlight. So why not highlight your best? Content Marketing is not only responsible for featuring business strengths, but also expands the scope of brand communication. You don’t just pitch, but you educate and inform your prospects aiding them to be aware and make smarter choices. A good marketing strategy needs quality content and sharing information to turn convertible audience into clients & influence the decisions of people.

We structure your content in a way that makes your business a wholesome brand experience. First we drive in traffic to your website through some dynamic SEO & SEM campaigns and get fresh leads. We carry forward the content on social media platforms through blogs, articles, informatics, white papers, videos etc. that make information simple, useful and accessible. We don’t stop here. Our game plan is not to just share information, but also to engage potential users to the result of powerful branding and recall.

Meet our team to understand how an intelligent Content Marketing strategy can change your business. Take the next step and write to us about your queries and we’ll be glad to give you an outline.