Let’s say ‘NO’ to Firecrackers!

It’s time we realize why…

A human ear can bear a maximum of 85 decibels of sound level. Firecrackers produce very high level of sound, sometimes it is over 140 decibels which can cause hearing loss, high blood pressure, heart attack and sleep disturbances.

Careless handling of fireworks could lead to lot of fire accidents, burns and injuries & can end up burning down houses.

Firecrackers pollute the environment and release carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide to the atmosphere with serious health hazards. They contribute to global warming.

With their disturbing sounds animals and birds panic and tumble with fear. They do not know what’s happening around. They need privacy and peace too. As intelligent beings it is our responsibility to consider other living beings to make life happier for not only humans but also for other living beings that we share this wonderful planet with.

Let’s value life and celebrate environmentally SAFE DIWALI!


-Team Amazing Interactive